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Pixel trees

left to right: Birch, Random dead tree, Red Spruce, Scots Pine, Western Larch, Bald Cypress

Some pixel trees + 1 cattails and 1 not so special shrubs. Most foliage on the game have billboard (always face camera) magic in their shader…

And yes, I  like the old dev texture from the, also old Valve Source Engine 🙂

Main Menu – Controller Scheme

Here a small glimpse of the controller scheme at the main menu… the navigation icons at the bottom of the screen and in game works like this:

The first time you open the game, if u have a gamepad on, you’ll get a “Select your gamepad layout” type of screen, if you don’t have a gamepad on, u will get nothing, this screen will appear only once when you first time run the game, eg: if you are using a generic PS4 controller, go for the PS4 layout.
Next time when u start the game again, and if you have the gamepad on, you will get the layout you chose earlier, and you can always change it at the control scheme menu 🙂